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About Us 

 Our Axe Throwing journey began with a date and turned into love, for axe throwing. We visited places and continued to enjoy the experiences, but the venues all seemed to be so far away from us. 

One night leaving an establishment on our long drive home, we decided to set up an axe target at home………but then the question arose and we asked, Why just us?

   That next day we started working on what would become Axetreme Throwing

The mobile axe throwing trailer was built in 2021 with much help and support from family and friends. We had our first event in July of 2021 with a family reunion and have enjoyed building our business since.


Services Offered

We offer a safe and fun experience at our Axehouse or with our Mobile Axe Throwing trailer.

Everyone must sign a waiver prior to throwing, those under 18 require a guardian signature.

We require training for all throwers, professional or beginner. Our Axe Masters will instruct and monitor all parties while throwing. 

Closed toe shoes are highly recommended.

 We have a large area in the back of our axe house that has tables and chairs for events.


Birthday Events 

 Come have an unforgettable Birthday Bash with us!

The birthday Boy/Girl is free with a group of 6 or more. 

Teen Birthday parties require an adult for every 3-4 children.

Contact us for more information 

Corporate Events

  Need to hold an event different from anything else? Our Axe House has plenty of space for a one-of-a-kind event.

  We can also offer our entire facility for larger groups, fundraisers, or parties.

     Contact us for more information. 

Team Building 

Working as a team to accomplish a common goal is every company's goal. Let us Teach your team a new skill and build some great common goals and comradery. 

       Contact us for more information. 

Bachelor / Bachelorette / Baby Shower / Diaper Party

 Plan on having your Event in a Spacious Fun Environment.

Great Rates for all Budgets. 

 We can offer our entire facility for larger groups, fundraisers, parties, and more. 

       Contact us for more information.

Date Night Walk-In 

  Need a Night Out?

Come enjoy our "Date Night" lane.

Great for 2-4 people for a last-minute good time. 

       Contact us for more information.


  We are here to help you meet your fundraising Goals!

We can host events, offer a meeting area, and much more.

Contact us and let us show you how we can help.

       Contact us for more information.

Large Events

  Rent the entire Axe House for a one-of-a-kind Party!

Offering the best pricing for all-day events or small party needs

  We can offer our entire facility for larger groups, fundraisers, or parties.

        Contact us for more information. 

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