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  • Horseplay of any kind is strictly prohibited. Such behavior may lead to removal from site.
  • Players must respect Staff and other players at all times. Any harassing behavior is not tolerated.
  • Closed toe/covered shoes are highly recommended.
  • Players are not allowed to throw axes at any target being used by another player at the same time or throw axes at any targets not designated to their group.
  • Players will not throw until an Axe Master has covered safety Guidelines and approves the participation of all players.
  • Players may not hand off or pass an axe to another player at any time. Those that do not demonstrate the ability to safely handle or throw axes will not be allowed to participate in axe throwing activities.
  • Players’ alcohol consumption will be monitored during axe throwing and may be restricted at any time. If we feel that anyone’s safety is in danger, a player can be asked to not play or asked to leave.
  • A max of 2 people may throw at the same time. Other Players and Spectators are permitted to observe the experience from a safe distance behind the safety area.
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